Current Projects

Creating Place Standard Tools for children and young people

Partner: Play Scotland

Client: Scottish Government on behalf of the Place Standard Implementation Partnership (NHS Health Scotland, Architecture & Design Scotland and Scottish Government

We are working in partnership with Play Scotland and young Scottish citizens to co-create new versions of the Place Standard Tool to use with children and with young people. The existing Place Standard Tool is a way of assessing places and provides a simple framework to structure conversations about them. It allows you to think about the physical elements of a place – e.g. its buildings, spaces, and transport links – as well as the social aspects – e.g. whether people feel they have a say in decision making.

The project remit includes creating two new versions of the Place Standard tool – a Children’s version and a Young People’s version to cover age range 0-25. This will be a valuable tool to use with children and young people to support their rights and participation in planning, design and delivery of high quality places. The project will also involve developing materials to guide facilitators and to support links between the Place Standard tool and key policy areas.  These include the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, Curriculum for Excellence, and Getting it Right for Every Child.

The project is now underway and due to complete at the end of the year, timed well with the imminent introduction of the UNCRC into law in Scotland. Working with our partners, we are currently working with children and young people to create pilot tools. Draft materials will be ready for piloting later in the autumn.

Child Friendly Planning Policy in the UK: A review

Partner:  Dinah Bornat (ZCD Architects)

Client: The Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI)

The aim of this project is to assess the extent to which planning policies across UK nations can be considered ‘child-friendly’ with relation to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The project involves:

  • Reviewing national planning policies across all four UK nations and their relationship to children’s legislation and policy
  • Finding examples of typical policies and good practices
  • Evaluating opportunities for improving understanding and implementation of children’s human rights across planning policies, including comparison of devolved contexts.

The project output will be a report and a practice note that sets out the extent to which planning policies across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are child friendly. The project is led through a partnership of Dr Jenny Wood, APiC, and Dinah Bornat, co-director at ZCD Architects, researcher and Design Advocate of the Mayor of London.